ADGB Artefacts is a reworking of the excavation inventory from Koldewey’s Babylon-excavation (1899-1917) and the excavations conducted by the German Archaeological Institute (1957-1973), critically compared and supplemented with other information by Olof Pedersén. It lists all excavation numbers used with museum numbers, excavation photos, drawings, findspots, short descriptions, and bibliographical references. The information has been to some extent systematized and corrected with problems notified.

Historic People lists persons mentioned in the cuneiform texts from Babylon with their titles/functions and the corresponding excavation numbers.

Literature is a specific short list of all the bibliographic references which cover Babylon artefacts. The entries point to the corresponding excavation numbers. (All publications in “Literature” are separately added in the Bibliographies database with their complete reference.)

ADGB Sources covers mainly all the photographic documentation of both enterprises and to some further extent the documentation on the Ninurta Temple. The entries are derived from the photo inventories, and list the photo numbers, date, subject etc. The Koldwey-excavation photo entries are additionally enriched by an upload of all available image files.

Archives allows you to browse the sources by the holding archive. The number of shown archives results from the entries in sources.

Distribution of objects in *ADGB*


Grouped, coded artefacts with a minimum of 1000 records each.


Grouped sources (types with content only).

Koldewey excavations between 1899 and 1917


Sum of excavated artefacts by year.